Electronic Toll Collection System and Integrations


Toll Collection Central Software

Toll collection systems (ETC) are systems with functions such as data collection, detection, monitoring, violation operations, tolling and reporting. The main control center is the data center where the system’s traffic and toll reports are received, transit information is kept under record, subscribers’ accounts are kept, information transfers between the relevant institutions are detected and reported.

Passive RFID

HGS is called passive Ultra-High Frequency tag. Passive means that it does not contain any batteries and is connected to the RFID reader for functioning power. The tag has a large antenna array inside and a small microchip in the center. The basic working principle of communication for HGS systems is that the tag receives power and RF signals from the RFID reader and sends these signals to the chip. The chip receives these signals, calculates them and sends the data back to the RFID reader. After the authentication stages, the reader sends the user data to the system for later toll calculations.

Mobile App

With the Fast Pass System Mobile Balance Loading application, you can not only view the balances of all your Fast Pass System products by using your license plate number, ID number, tax number, or Fast Pass System tag number, but you can also easily and quickly top them up using your credit card. Features of the application;
- You can view how much balance your vehicle has on the Fast Pass System label and load the balance.
- You can place an automatic payment order by specifying a minimum balance limit for your vehicle's Fast Pass System label. In this way, your balance is automatically loaded when you reach the minimum limit you set.
- You can make KM/Inspection, Damage and Vehicle Detail Inquiry for second-hand vehicles.
- You can view your past uploads, transits and current violations and filter by date range.
Banking Provision Services

The provisioning process proceeds through many structures operating in a modular manner in the banking infrastructure. Each modular structure performs certain functions (provisioning, balance loading, querying, top-up, etc.). Optionally, some features can be added and removed from this structure.
- Provisioning of the Fast Pass System label in the banking infrastructure is carried out through the shadow account of the label.
- Integration with 15 banks defined in the provisioning system is available. The labels of these 15 banks have shadow accounts.
- By giving an instruction to a product connected to an account or credit card; When the balance falls below a certain amount, the shadow account is automatically loaded up to the amount instructed. In addition, if the bank has a top-up service; In cases where the balance is not sufficient, you can go to the account to which the tag is linked online via the shadow account information and make a withdrawal.
- After the transition information is finalized and the fee is calculated, this transition process is financialized in the banking infrastructure over the relevant product information or license plate information.
- Establishment of clearing system between banks and private highways.