Passenger Information Systems


Passenger Information Display

Population growth in cities, consequently increasing traffic and public transportation needs have made integrated transportation systems a priority. One of the most prominent applications of the systems is passenger information systems, in which transportation times and route information of public transportation vehicles are displayed.

Intetra manufactures with LED or LCD technologies specifically for different demands and needs. Passenger Information Displays provide real-time journey information with specially developed software.

While designing the passenger information displays used in public transportation systems, it produces special solutions for indoor and outdoor use according to the needs and requirements of the project.


LCD Passenger Information Displays in Metro and Train Cars and Buses

Stop PID

Bus Station Passenger Information Display

E-ink PID

Metro, Train and Bus Stops E-Paper Passenger Information Display

PID Mono

Mono Color Passenger Information Display


RGB Passenger Information Display

Technology Oriented Public Transport

We are happy to produce and develop technology-oriented projects for liveable cities. We continue to put our products into use in our country and in many countries of the world.


They are specially designed displays for showing flight arrival and departure information, advertising, and publishing public information messages at airports.


These are the systems in which information such as arrival time, average travel time, weather conditions are shared with passengers in metro vehicles and stations.


It is used for the purpose of providing information such as arrival time, route information, vehicle arrival time, etc. at bus stops.


These are information boards that are used for urban and interurban travels, and show train and platform information to passengers.

Safe, pleasant, fast transportation

The aim is to support urban public transportation systems and to make them efficient in developed and developing countries with technological infrastructure.