Network Solutions


The Solutions We Offer

INTETRA can integrate transportation network system and fiber optical central nervous system infrastructure such as the “incident detection”, which is designed by undertaking all of the fiber communication networks of highways, toll collection and intelligent transportation systems. Having the potential to take part in the entire project, from infrastructure activities to superstructure equipment, enables Intetra to be among the leading companies in this field by being supported by the activities it performs in projects.


INTETRA Network team also provides all kinds of support in problem detection and solving with its expert staff in the field of network design, security, management and sustainability.

Network Management

According to the scope of the projects, the networks are designed in a backed up, secure, scalable and customizable way for the needs.

Network Design

It is ensured that the designed systems work continuously and in a stable way in order to be sustainable.

Our Expertise

Problem Solving

It is intervened by making an instant failure detection without looking at the criticality level. User satisfaction is increased by minimizing data losses due to failure in the system.

Network Performance and Efficiency

All system and network activities are ensured to work smoothly. The availability of these components is optimized by maintaining them.

Problem Detection

The current failure is detected instantly and the risk of failure is studied and minimized or terminated.

Data and Network Security

While providing fully backed up end-to-end data center designs that prioritize data security to meet customer demands and needs, the security of devices is also ensured.


By integrating the topology of the project and all network devices into new technologies, needs such as network and network components, internet and interoffice connection, and the application of VPN technologies are met.

Monitoring and Management

Alarms received on critical values determined for monitored network devices or applications are directed to the relevant teams, action is taken quickly and errors are resolved quickly.

Wireless Networks

Solutions for the wireless network infrastructure and needs of customers are also provided.