Railway Signalization Systems


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Many systems must work in harmony with each other for the effective operation of Railway Signalization Systems and safe train travel. It is ensured by integrating the operations such as control center, signalization equipment along the road, energy sources, cabling, and automatic train stop system and software’s joint interfaces that function without a problem, signalization lights, passenger information equipment, turnstile systems, camera detection systems and warning systems in a correct manner by the experts.

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Signal Lights

Intetra manufactures Rail System Signal Lights designed with special lens and LED technology with SIL4 certificate. In addition, railway signalization system project design, integration and field application services are provided.

Passenger Information

Passenger Information Systems are industrial displays that provide real-time transportation information produced with special LED or LCD technology. These displays are used to convey departure-arrival time information to passengers in-car, out-of-car and platforms in railway transportation systems such as subways, trams, etc.. Intetra produces special solutions according to the needs and requirements of the project, taking into account the use of space.

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