Speed Enforcement Detection

Speed Enforcement Detection Systems are systems developed within the scope of Intelligent Transportation Systems in order to detect the average speed of vehicles passing through the determined point on the examined road route, without exceeding the speed limit value.


Comfortable Transportation With Traffic Safety.

Emergency Lane Enforcement Detection Systems

It is a system for detecting vehicles moving in hard shoulders. These are systems that have the potential to perform multi-vehicle tracking with image analysis and detect the license plates of vehicles with a high accuracy rate.

Red Light Violation Systems

In the red light enforcement detection system, cameras detect and photograph vehicles that violate the red light and provide the opportunity to take the necessary action against the driver of the vehicle that committed the violation as a result of transmitting the photos to the Transportation Management Center.

Parking Enforcement Systems

Thanks to the systems installed at the entrance and exit points of the parking lot, control of the entrances and exits is provided. With its license plate recognition system, it enables automated passage and barrier control.

Mobile Electronic Enforcement Systems

It is our software interface that allows police officers to access and interact with in-car Mobile CCTV systems locally. In-car CCTV systems record video evidence from all live vehicle cameras, including ANPR and Officer protection cameras worn on the body. Therefore, it provides police detectives with an integrated chain of video evidence regarding all their audio and video while police officers are on patrol. In addition, it provides officers in Police Command and Control Centers with the ability to connect live over 3G-4G to support at-risk police officers as they respond to real-time incidents on the streets.