Electronic Toll Collection


Multi-Lane Free Flow Systems (MLFF)

The system is capable of performing Vehicle Detection, Classification, Tag Reading and License Plate Recognition operations with almost 100% accuracy under the following conditions.

  • Vehicles driving at high/low speeds
  • Truck, Trailer etc. and dual vehicles that stop/start in congested traffic.
  • Speed exceeding 200km/h.

‘Daily transaction data and banking provision transactions are carried out with congested traffic 100% success rate with the software we have completely developed ourselves.

  • RFID Tag Reading
  • DSRC Tag Reading
  • ANPR License Plate Recognition System

Our Electronic Toll Collection systems can work with other systems and meet international standards, including the highest safety standards.

Additional traffic management functions can be added to the basic infrastructure.

We also provide services for both technical and commercial system operation.


3.000.000 transaction data per day

Electronic Toll Collection Systems (ETC)

Highway users pay their tolls electronically and pass through the toll booths non-stop, just by slowing down. Payment is completed by automatic transaction, this transaction has little impact on traffic flow. In this way, the efficiency in activities increases significantly. Due to the high-efficiency technological solution, revenue flows are gaining speed. 'Different solutions for traditional toll gates ranging from hand-held toll collection through cash collection to electronic toll collection from credit cards with the help of on-board units (OBU) are being designed and implemented by us.

AVCC (Automatic Vehicle Classification and Counting)

AVCC (Automatic Vehicle Classification and Counting) is a system used for traffic flow analysis, parking management, and vehicle identification purposes. This system uses components such as cameras, sensors, and artificial intelligence technologies to automatically count and classify the vehicles in the area. AVCC systems operate with high accuracy and fast response times, producing faster and more efficient results compared to manual counting and classification processes.

Weigh In Motion (WIM)

The Weigh in Motion System has been developed as a WIM vehicle classification device.'It performs axle weight measurement at high speed to prevent overload violations. High-speed WIM (Weigh-In-Motion) plays an important role as a pre-notification system in enforcement.

E-Wallet Solutions

This system which provides the opportunity to pay digitally, securely and comfortably in a way that will be influential in many fields where we move forward technologically, ensures that transportation becomes more advantageous by offering instant conveniences to drivers during transportation.

Parking Payment Systems

Parking Payment System with Fast Pass System makes it possible to pay in parking lots using the Fast Pass System label. In the system, the vehicle owner can pay the parking fee by scanning the Fast Pass System label when he enters the parking lot. In this way, vehicle owners can easily pay without using cash or credit cards. Parking Payment System with Fast Pass System also benefits parking lot businesses. Parking operators using the system do not have to deal with cash and can make payments more quickly and easily. In addition, thanks to the system, vehicle entry and exit operations can be automatically tracked and data analysis becomes easier for parking companies and makes parking lot use safer.

Lidar Based Toll Collection Systems

Welcome to the age of Lidar" new generation detection technologies will lead new applications in every field from smart city applications to mobility solutions. As INTETRA, we are pleased to include new-generation technologies among our solutions and to develop our international business partnerships.

GNSS Satellite Based Fare Collection Systems

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), worldwide location a satellite used for identification, navigation and time synchronization based navigation system. GNSS systems world wideseveral, including the GPS (Global Positioning System) used It covers different satellite based navigation system. GNSS satellite-based fare collection systems are used in vehicle travel.to monitor the distances they have traveled and the roads they have traversed and to obtain this information. It is a technology used to make payments using This systems, thanks to a GNSS receiver in the vehicles, determines its location and sends it to a data center. data center, location data, the distance traveled by the vehicle, the roads used and the calculates the fee according to a certain pricing schedule. GNSS satellite-based toll collection systems, especially highway and bridge frequently used in payment systems used in certain areas such as used. These systems are also known as automatic payment systems. and save the time and effort required by manual payment processing they provide.

Automatic Highway Toll Cash and Credit Card Collection Gateway

  • Automated Flow Cash and Credit Card Payment Machine was developed to meet the demand for flexibility in toll collection systems and it allows non-registered users to purchase a one-time ticket for the toll collection.

  • Automated Flow Cash and Credit Card Payment Machine has a 12-inch monitor that is resistant to vandalism, sunlight-reflecting, and resistant to working in all weather conditions. Successful payments print a receipt for the customer. During the transaction, the user is provided with both voice and display directions to facilitate the transaction and ensure that the payment is paid quickly. Payment steps are designed to optimize ergonomics and speed of payment completion.