Traffic Measurement Systems


Smart Traffic Sensors

By means of smart traffic sensors, a city’s transportation problem will be minimized, time, and while security will be maximized, savings will be achieved. The negative impact of traffic congestion on social life, especially in big cities, will be minimized, so people will be able to travel in peace AND away from stress.

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Meteorological Stations

Measurement of weather conditions on the road network is provided with Meteorological Stations. With road meteorological sensors, decision and support solutions such as thermal maps and statistical data are created and this information is transferred to the drivers in an integrated manner with our other road technologies, so safer and more comfortable transportation is ensured.

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Air Quality Measurement Sensors

The air quality measurement sensor is activated at tunnel crossings and in places where there is traffic congestion or when the air quality is poor. In these cases, the air quality sensor control activates the indoor air circulation and prevents the bad outside air from deteriorating the indoor air quality. The temperature and relative humidity of the measuring environment also affect the sensor performance.

Weigh In Motion System

The weight of the vehicles is determined with the Weigh In Motion System. In this way, the compliance of the vehicles with the load-carrying limits can be checked. It prevents overloaded vehicles from damaging the road and significantly extends the life of the roads.

Over Height Detection Sensor

By using LIDAR technology in Overheight Detection Sensors, the heights of the vehicles are monitored at the time of passing. In this way, it is ensured that transportation is safer.

License Plate Recognition Systems

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It is the process of recognizing the characters on the license plate with various Optical Character Recognition (OCR) methods by separating the license plate area on the vehicle image obtained from automatic license plate recognition, which is an advanced technology, for Safer Roads. In addition, license plate recognition software offers vehicle analytics (brand, color, speed and classification) free flow speed corridor feature.