INTETRA started its commercial activities in 2005 by importing new technologies in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to Türkiye.

Our company established its own R&D in 2009 and has produced many products/systems with CE-EN 12966 certificate, especially Variable Message and Traffic Signs, Passenger Information Displays.

It still continues its activities at home and abroad as a system integrator company that provides end-to-end solutions from design to technology production, and to infrastructure-superstructure applications.

With Intetra

The roads are safer and smarter than ever.



We adopt a sustainable technology-based approach to meet the increasing needs in the field of transportation, and we are constantly improving our services to provide safer and more comfortable solutions for people. In this way, we ensure that our customers are equipped to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We create value for our stakeholders through sustainable management. We prioritize ensuring employee diversity with a supportive working environment and enabling our employees to use their potential. We aim to maintain our company’s global competitiveness by establishing strong relationships with our partners.


Our strategy is based on three objectives:
* To achieve global growth in our fields of activity and
* To work in the technological field by expanding our expert staff
* To expand and maintain our integrated digital solutions.

Today …

As a system integrator company that provides end-to-end solutions from design to technology production, and to infrastructure-superstructure applications, we continue our national and global activities.


We aim to become a sought-after brand in domestic and foreign markets by making high-quality service our management philosophy. In this direction, we are constantly improving our production capacity and potential.


We aim to continuously improve our performance by following modern production and product technologies. In this direction, we aim to maintain our service concept focused on quality and customer satisfaction by constantly increasing the quality of the service we provide.


Company Registration Number – 550179-0


Business Center, Aydınlı Birlik Organized Industrial Zone 4th Street No.1 Tuzla / Istanbul

Declared and paid-up capital amount: 130,000,000 TL

INVOICE INFORMATION Aydınlı Birlik OSB Mah. 34940 4th Street / TUZLA / ISTANBUL
+90 216 4568640 / +90 216 4568642

TUZLA Tax Office

Tax Identification Number (VKN): 4780667632

Trade Registry Number: 0478044354900019

MERSIS Number: 0478044354900019

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INTETRA; Within the framework of the “Thinking Innovative” mission; It is a global organization that develops technology, products and services in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems, Fare Collection Systems and Rail Systems.

To meet customer trust and continuity, it produces products and services in compliance with legal regulations, taking all necessary precautions. With the management systems it has designed and disseminated throughout the company, it ensures its continuity by using resources effectively and efficiently.

In line with the principle of continuous improvement and sustainable customer satisfaction;

– We aim to collect the requests, desires, and complaints of our customers who receive products and services from our company in various sectors, without discrimination, in an open, impartial, transparent, and secure manner in a single source and evaluate these records objectively, fairly, and in privacy in compliance with the laws.

– We aim to meet the demands, regulations, expectations, and needs of internal and external relevant parties effectively and efficiently for Quality, Environment, OHS, EnMS, Ethical Management, Information and Information Security, and Personal Data Protection to achieve objectives and targets.

– We aim to ensure that all work within the scope of the identified recommendations and customer messages is included in the Production and Service Management System to continuously improve our quality awareness.

– We aim to raise the quality consciousness of each employee by providing all necessary training activities to gather around the same mission, vision, and strategic objectives and create a common corporate culture.

– We aim to comply with the defined conformity obligations in compliance with the identified and applicable legal regulations with the Management Systems we apply, to ensure the safety of our employees and the continuity of work with Occupational Health and Safety practices and to secure the corporate and global ecosystem by determining the factors and requirements related to the Management Systems.

– We aim to take the necessary measures to carry the organization into the future at the national and international level with sustainable projects that reduce all environmental dimensions, achieve a “0” accident goal, ensure the safety and quality functionality of the products and services we provide, and measure its performance for continuous improvement to ensure a livable environment.