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Intelligent Transportation Systems


Electronic Toll Collection Systems


Rail Systems


Technologies that add comfort, trust and value to the transportation

We believe that technology exists in order to serve evolving human needs, so we put humans at the center of everything we do. We are constantly improving our services to provide reliable technology and solutions, and ensuring that they are equipped to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Smart City Journey


We use our information and technologies in order to reduce the environmental impacts and costs of transportation.

We continue our production by taking advantage of all the possibilities of technology in order to create future-oriented intelligent transportation systems with our global projects.


We add value to our business through long-term and sustainable management with our expert staff. In this way, we support our customers to use their potential in an effective way.


We continue our efforts to achieve global growth in our fields of activity. We continue to create a safer, more comfortable and more efficient transportation system by developing our integrated digital solutions.

We Develop Transportation Models for More Livable Cities

Intelligent Transportation Systems

ITS are systems that are developed for the purposes of increasing traffic safety and using road capacities effectively and efficiently, and that include monitoring, measurement, analysis and control mechanisms with a versatile data exchange infrastructure between the center, vehicle, infrastructure and user.

Rail Systems

These are product production and integration services related to railway and rail system signalisation, communication infrastructure and passenger information systems.

Public Transportation

Public Transportation Systems, which are used for urban and interurban travels, are systems where data exchange between management center, smart stop, vehicle and passenger is provided and managed.

Tunnel Electromechanical Systems

These are the systems in which traffic management, tunnel security and monitoring, fire detection and extinguishing, ventilation, air quality measurement, lighting and all similar electromechanical systems are managed based on SCADA via PLC.

Planning and Consulting

These are consultancy and engineering services aimed at providing sustainable urban mobility by carrying out traffic engineering, transportation master plan, public transportation line optimization, macro- and micro-scale urban transportation planning studies.

Information Systems

These are LCD and LED based systems that provide visual communication in areas such as outdoor and indoor spaces, public transportation stops and stations, shopping and show centers, football fields.


We are Building the Future with Innovation

Smart City is a set of systems integrated with information technologies in order to increase the quality of life and the welfare of people, manage resources and make them more efficient.


Solutions based on artificial intelligence with projects that shape the future


Less energy, less cost, more savings today and in the future with the investments made.


Increasing efficiency in living standards with Efficient Transportation Solutions


We make life healthier and traffic safer with solutions that make life and transportation easier.


intetra its etc rail

intetra tünel sistemleri

intetra otoyol sistemleri

intetra sai tetra gamma ovia

We produce smart technologies for a better future

As Intetra, we support sustainable transportation solutions for more livable cities. Our innovative vision manifests itself in every aspect of our projects. We ensure that our services that shape the change are implemented in all areas of transportation. We are shaping the future with our experience in the sector.


Mega Projects Under One Roof

As a system integrator company that provides end-to-end solutions from design to technology production, and to infrastructure-superstructure applications, we implement global projects. We produce smart technologies for a better future.

Road Safety Solutions

Uninterrupted traffic monitoring and adaptive traffic management are the systems that are used to offer solutions that reduce travel times.

Traffic Signalisation Systems

INTETRA traffic signalization systems are systems that control and manage traffic flow. Thanks to smart signalization systems, traffic flow is disciplined and traffic intensity can be monitored and controlled throughout the city.

Smart City Solutions

Cities are becoming more livable with solutions in the field of intelligent transportation systems, which is an important component of smart city structures.

Monitoring and Management Systems

INTETRA has sensors and software that collect data from highways. Artificial intelligence systems with decision-making functions are being developed with this software.

Intetra, the Designer of Smart Roads


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