Construction Works


Our Infrastructure Services

We produce solutions in the field of the preparation of the basic infrastructure of intelligent transport systems and toll collection systems, their project design and field applications.

We implement our project design services with our smart road technologies and our expert field application staff, by sticking to the current regulations and design principles as well as structural analysis programs.

As Intetra, we integrate the technologies of the future into our projects and offer them to our customers.


Our Objectives

With the developing and growing cities, the need for transportation is increasing day by day. For this reason, we offer the technologies of the future to make transportation intelligent, always ready with our technologies and expert staff where needed. With our global command of road technologies, we continue to work on this road to the future to make transportation more reliable, comfortable and faster.

Our Strategies

We offer understandable, detailed and rational solutions in the fields of intelligent transportation systems and toll collection with applicable projects.
Our Servıces
Project design and manufacturing all kinds of steel and reinforced concrete structures on highways, fiber infrastructure services, creating sustainable solutions against adverse weather and freight conditions with innovative concrete technologies, project design of Intelligent Transportation System, integration of Intelligent Transportation Solutions into current highway transportation, designing of carriers of Intelligent Transportation System products and implementing field applications, integration of current Toll Collection Systems into HGS, project design of Toll Collection Systems and implementing field applications

In the Field of Construction and Infrastructure

We plan the projects created by our expert technical staff in the field of construction and infrastructure with our experienced field application teams from the very beginning and implement them in a controlled manner in accordance with the process. At the same time, Intetra regularly supports its solutions with R&D and offers the technologies of the future to your service. We deliver projects in a complete manner under any conditions by providing effective field solutions on a global scale. After the completion of the project, we continue to provide full support such as maintenance services.