Tunnel and Highway Management


Tunnel Management System

Tunnels are monitored and controlled 24/7 with traffic cameras by the operators in the operation center. With the incident detection systems located in the tunnel, drivers are provided with a more controlled and reliable transportation opportunity by detecting incidents that may create obstacles in transportation such as fire, accident, smoke, pedestrian traffic, etc..

Tunnel Warning Signs





Tunnel electromechanical systems are an integrated structure that includes systems such as traffic management, lighting, ventilation, communication, electronics, mechanics, automation, etc.. Intetra provides end-to-end integration services by carrying out tunnel electromechanical project design and application.

Tunnel and Highway Warning Signs

Emergency Exit Door

SOS & Fire Sign

Emergency Exit Door (Distance)

Tunnel Electromechanical Systems

  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Variable Message Signs
  • Fire Detection and Extinguishing
  • Tunnel Ventilation
  • CCTV and Incident Detection
  • Monitoring and Control Center
  • Variable Traffic Signs
  • Public Announcement System
  • Tunnel Safety Signs
  • Air Quality and Measurement 
  • Meteorology