Traffic Management


Intelligent Transportation Systems Platform

ITS management center is a central management system that collects data from all ITS sub-components on the road network, processes this information with certain algorithms and transfers it to users as traffic information. Thanks to this system, all ITS components in the road network can be integrated into the center and managed from a single point.

In addition, traffic clarification and optimization, solving emission and congestion problems, and increasing traffic safety and efficiency are provided with the information obtained from urban and interurban roads.

We use our information and technologies in order to reduce the environmental impacts and costs of transportation.

Traffic Signaling Lights

Lumina series signalization lights have been developed to provide optimum clarity, reliability and long-lasting use in addition to their aesthetic appearance. It includes a newly developed fresnel lens and form that makes the signal extremely clear and easy to see in any condition and from any angle. We have Multi LED or Power LED solutions. Our products in both technologies are manufactured at the highest quality and provide optimal performance.

Adaptive Traffic Control Systems

Adaptive Traffic Control Systems intervene in the intersections/arteries with increasing density in real-time by optimizing the signal times after evaluating the data received from the field in the center and it reduces delay times by accelerating the traffic flow. Advanced artificial intelligence technologies are used in algorithms that will provide optimization based on parameters such as queue and traffic volume in Adaptive Traffic Management Systems.

Traffic Signal Controllers

They are devices that create a safe traffic flow by ensuring that the green, yellow and red colors of the signal lights used in traffic signalization systems operate at the desired duration and times. Our Traffic Signal Controller Primus1.0, designed by our expert engineers, supports operating modes such as green wave, dynamic intersection management, adaptive intersection management, in addition to its user interface that provides easy programming, and is fully compatible with NTCIP Türkiye.

Traffic Control Center

With Traffic Control Centers, traffic can be monitored, controlled and managed from a single center. As a result of this, the road network capacity is used to the maximum and the continuity of traffic flow is ensured. It is the most important component in the solution of increasing traffic intensities in large cities.

Pedestrian Buttons

Intetra Pedestrian Button, which is designed to provide pedestrian mobility and safety and has become an indispensable part of Signalization systems, has been specially produced for people with disabilities. It minimizes vehicle and pedestrian stop times by being easily integrated into the current signalization system without the need for any intermediate modules.

Traffic Detection Systems

Thanks to the traffic measurement sensors installed for the control and monitoring of the traffic flow along the road route; vehicle classification, speed information, vehicle density and number information can be measured. In accordance with this information, travel time and traffic road status information are obtained by different analysis methods.

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